The Future Of Driving Needs To Change

When you have reached the legal age limit in your country to be able to drive, whatever age that may be, you have to make a decision. First of all the decision is if and do you want to drive at all. If you don’t want to attempt it then you don’t have to worry any further. But if you have been that kind of kid, dreaming about having your hand on the wheels of a vehicle, speeding along the roads in glee and you can’t wait to get started then you have to think about the next step. Because the decisions that you make every step of the way can impact the end result of the process.

The next big decision

You next decision to make would be whether you are going to hire the services of a driving school to learn how to drive or if you are going to want your parents to teach you the basics. It’s not uncommon to find many teenagers being taught the basics of driving by their mom or dad. In fact some kids prefer to be taught by their parents because they feel comfortable in their presence rather than learning it from a stranger.

So you have two options available in front of you to kick start you lessons and depending on your level of comfort you can choose either.But of late research has shown that obtaining driving lessons from parents might not be such a good idea. Because it has shown that most parents teaching their kids how to drive don’t know the current road rules or driving regulations in the country themselves. Therefore they are passing on bad driving habits to their kids and this could end up being fatal to the parents as well as other people on the roads. This theory is being backed up by evidence which proves that seventy percent of the kids who are taught by their parents end up failing the driving test in their very first attempt. Which goes to show that there is something going wrong in this process of being taught by parents.

Therefore professional teaching schools are calling for governments to change the rules with regard to the legal requirements in order to obtain a license. Because right now the rules are such that an individual has to complete hundred hours of practical driving, but it is not necessary that they are done under professional registered learners. Therefore they younger generations are at a great risk of not obtaining the correct knowledge and requirements if they go about it in this manner.